So the obvious first question, what is PLIRIS? Being that we now live in the age of Google and not Ask Jeevs, a quick jump to your trusty search engine will likely turn up information about an object-oriented interface for solving matrices.  If you know what any of that is, congratulations.

PLIRIS came about after hundreds of man-hours trying to find the right name to define what we do.  We’re Engineers, numbers are our thing, not words.  However, we knew our promise to you, complete plans.  As we couldn’t find anything catchy in the English language, we dove down the path of Google Translate.  PLIRIS is Greek for “Complete”.  Simple, to the point, no matrices involved, now let us get your house project started off right.

Interested in learning more about PLIRIS? That is great. Come check out our corporate website and learn more about what we can do for you.